All, Urbanism, Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Product, Graphic
Stone and glass House in Jerusalem
African Roots Visitor center for Adis Ababa
An unbreakable lineage Hebron visitor center
Contrast of old and new Villa in central Israel
Flowing and bubbling Soda stream visitor center
Line and circle Museum of Jewish Heritage
A lesson in independence Independence trail, Tel Aviv
Sea and mountain Haalya 66, Haifa
The greater good The democratic pavilion, Tel Aviv
A set for every space Cinema city Ashdod
HighTech Village Office complex
Cinema City Jerusalem Concept Design⁠
Marble and Wood Architecture and Interior Design
GS Apartment Architecture and design
A house in central Israel Architecture and design
The New Leumi Architecture and design
Jerusalem Of Stone Architectural design
Bauhaus TLV Preservation and architectural design in Tel aviv
Friends Of Zion Museum Architecture and design
Expo Korea Israeli Pavilion design, International Expo
Desert Dorms Competition for the new Ben Gurion dormitories
USCC Concept, design and branding of the new USCC
Bank Leumi Tower In collaboration with Kaiser Architects
NLI Nation Israeli Library Competition
Milk and Honey distillary Milk and Honey distillary competition
El Al Visitor Center Architecture and Interior Design
Rothschild Hotel + Residential Concept design in colaboration | Kaiser Architects
Antakolsky Antakolsky competition
A ladder to the sky Museum of the sages
Stacked boxes Mixed-use residential and commercial buiding
Boxes in the box Design of the Broshim student club
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